Thursday, December 18, 2008

Autowalas of Chennai

There are a few things in this world that I absolutely detest, one of them being the horrible horrible auto guys. They make me want to scratch their faces with whatever is left of my chewed up nails. Let me take you through some sample experiences I have faced with the moronic autowalas:
Scenario One:
Me:[in high pitched squeals] Auto Auto!
Auto:[slowing down but deliberately stopping way ahead of me]:Enge ponu ma?
(Current location- Beach Station- 2 k.m from Royapuram)
Auto:[contemplating]Fifty rupees madam..
Me: WTF!

Scenario two:
A herd(I say herd because thats what they are, a herd of wild animals) of auto guys surrounding me asking me where I want to go
Multiple Autoguys speaking at once :Sollunge madam
Me: Nungambakkam
Auto 1 to Auto 2 :Ay Nungambakkam poviya
Auto 2 to Auto 3 : Dai Nungambakkam ponu
Auto 3 to Auto 4 : Poriya???
At this point I make my exit giving up all hope. I mean why do they ask if they don't want to go!!

Scenario Three:
Me after agreeing to pay an exorbitant amount to go from Point A to Point B, plonk myself in the auto, unaware of whats in store for me. The auto guy thinks he is out of a Rajnikanth movie, twists, turns, bumps, rips, nearly collides, does all this while speaking on a swanky phone to somebody. I just sit tight in my seat, fervently praying that its not the last ride of my life. :-/

I can go on you know with a whole lot of my traumatic experiences with auto guys, but you get the drift how painful and annoying and frustrating it is to deal with this scum of the world.
Most of these idiots are protected by cops and politicians because they r the ones who own the vehicles. So people who want to commute are simply at their mercy. When we try to pick up a fight, these guys are known to get violent and offensive and even gather a crowd of their own. God! Please tell me you exist and rid teh world of these scumbags.
Phew! Anger vented :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its that time of the year again when I need to cleanse my soul of the unspeakable sins that I commit throughout the year and hang it out for drying :P well well.. Ramzan is here and I'm 10 fasts deep into it. So far so good. This is my daily schedule for 30 days where divinity becomes my second name :) morning starts early, I'm up at 4:00 a.m to have Sihori (breakfast during fasting) I walk around like a zombie, try to stuff myself with enough food and water to get me through the day. But when you're half asleep nothing else but sleep matters. Then I promptly fall asleep at 4:30 a.m. Much later with all the willpower in the world I drag myself out of bed at 7:15 to pray (its too late by this time to pray but I pray anyway.. Gee! ) and I g et ribbed by my parents for it. The rest of the day is a blur and just a long wait for the clock to strike 6. During the day I accompany friends for lunch and tea breaks which is a major test of endurance for me :( Finally the much awaited hour arrives and I go pray on my office terrace with the songs of a billion crows to keep me company, I don't know why on earth they choose that time to scream their lungs out. So, after prayer I have Iftari (snacks to break the fast = "Breakfast" :P ) Voila! Thats the end of one successful roza (fast) And thats how the story goes for the rest of the month. Oh, And I've already picked up an outrageously expensive outfit for eid... talk bout rewards in advance..

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Oh what a day I say.. Had the time of my life. The annual day out for EK employees and their families happened today at the VGP Beach resort. The last time I went there I was only a couple of feet high. Its actually a nice place contrary to what people think of it. Anyway this all day long event was total fun. I had my very enthu parents with me who were having ball of a time. And never in my wildest dream i imagined receiving an award for a sporting award. Yes truth is urindeed stranger than fiction. I actually won the runners up title for Women's Doubles in TT. God i was nearly in a fit of giggles when i went up on stage. and my partner was missing in action so i got not one but two awards haha.. joke of the century!!! ok and then there were games which I participated whenevr i got a fresh spurt of enthusiasm rest of the time i was jus sitting back and cooling my heels.. the show had its moments with some ridiculous things happening and some out-of-the-world Two colleagues crooned to munbe vaa n god i jus died there. That song just does something to me. Oh and did i forget to mention the most important thing?? FOOD of course.. quiet a scrumptious spread there. All in all a fantastic day. Now all I'm left with is memories and a mother of all headaches. Hope to write my next blog soon :D