Saturday, February 23, 2008


Oh what a day I say.. Had the time of my life. The annual day out for EK employees and their families happened today at the VGP Beach resort. The last time I went there I was only a couple of feet high. Its actually a nice place contrary to what people think of it. Anyway this all day long event was total fun. I had my very enthu parents with me who were having ball of a time. And never in my wildest dream i imagined receiving an award for a sporting award. Yes truth is urindeed stranger than fiction. I actually won the runners up title for Women's Doubles in TT. God i was nearly in a fit of giggles when i went up on stage. and my partner was missing in action so i got not one but two awards haha.. joke of the century!!! ok and then there were games which I participated whenevr i got a fresh spurt of enthusiasm rest of the time i was jus sitting back and cooling my heels.. the show had its moments with some ridiculous things happening and some out-of-the-world Two colleagues crooned to munbe vaa n god i jus died there. That song just does something to me. Oh and did i forget to mention the most important thing?? FOOD of course.. quiet a scrumptious spread there. All in all a fantastic day. Now all I'm left with is memories and a mother of all headaches. Hope to write my next blog soon :D