Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random Ramble

Realization sunk in.. The MTBP (Mean Time between Posts) has dipped to an all time low.  Tch tch.. There is a reason, not good enough, but a reason nevertheless. I've been reading blogs of people who are Gods of the Blogiverse. I've got a major case of inferiority complex and I've got it bad. These guys are so good that it makes me wonder would anyone even give a rat's ass about my blog! Yes, I don write to impress anyone. Maybe I've just been plain lazy OR the novelty of blogging has worn off. This is the problem with me. I get bored so easily. I obsess over something for sometime and then Pfft! the fizz dies out after a while. How on earth will I be married to one man is something that is totally beyond my comprehension.  Let me not get into that stream of thought right now.
I think its time I start an anonymous blog to crib, whine, and bitch about people I hate, where I can swear away to kingdom come and where i can say things about myself that no one could ever imagine.
So if you find this blog dormant for a really really long time then I'm probably writing elsewhere. Go figure!
See I told you its a random ramble. Generalla Cinderalla- a term coined by my dear friend when we have no answer to some of life's profound questions. Cinderalla would be turning in her grave located Far Far Away.
Don't know if I'll be posting here again. All you an do is wait and watch. Right! like you have nothing better to do in your life than wait for me to write. Oh did I tell you that in 5 years time I intend to write a book. Yes, I so will. So, maybe the next time you see something written by me will be in that book. :)
So long..