Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell Me Your Dreams

The gossamer web of dreams is inescapable. Whether we like it or not, the dreams we dream affect us. Yes, they say that dreams bring your subconscious mind to life, but they could also bring things into perspective. OK too much philosophy happening. I couldn't resist that. :P Well, I bring this topic up because this morning I was telling a friend about the dream I had last night, it was wacky! I was this ultra cool agent (don't ask me what agent) with guns et al and kicking some bad ass goons, not only that, I was also chain smoking in my dream! And believe me it was all so real I didn't want the dream to end.
Yeah, I have many such silly dreams where I'm being chased by god knows who and I"m running for dear life and sometimes I'm simply falling into an endless dark pit.
The effect of too many movies I tell you. I have recurring dreams. For example, I'm in a clothes shop and I have lots of money and I'm buying so many clothes, only to wake up disappointed :(
My dreams invariably affect my day. A nightmare will keep me in a foul mood for the rest of the following day, so I try to be happy happy before I hit the sack.
Now, tell me your dreams... :)


Sakina Adeeb said...

were u thinking of going for a paint ball game before sleeping? thats y the shooting ;) lol

I have recurring dreams of miss senapati locking us all in a ghost house and the dream always ends when i am about to escape from there!

you know who miss senapati was dont u?

Mariya said...

@Sakina Adeeb Of course I do! I didn't know she gave people nightmares though.

Juzer said...

Like I always say (and by always I mean day before yesterday ;)) dreams are a manifestation of our deepest fears and desires.. Nice goin with the guns and violence though.. Freud would've been very proud :p