Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whats up with me

So.. finally sneaked some time off my crazy schedule, trust me when I say crazy. Its like I'm this machine who is on auto-pilot. I just barely have enough time to sleep, which is broken and disturbed as well. But, I've never felt so hugely satisfied and worthwhile in my life. Yes, I have a job! A job that I love with my heart, soul and pancreas. I'm still coming to grips with the new schedule in my life. Actually I think its gonna be taxing on me just for a couple of days more, because Ramzan is at its fag end, and order and semblance shall be regained in my life.
My current schedule is gruelling to say the least. I'm up at 4, to begin my fast ( details here ). Start for work at 7:30. Leave from work at 5:45. Streak home in my brand new Scooty Streak. Have near hits and misses with other maniacal drivers on the road. I almost always reach much after the fast-breaking time. I gobble whatever left-over food I find around. Again get dressed in break neck speed to go to mosque. Back from mosque at 9. p.m. By then, I'm too exhausted to even keep my eyes open. Nah I'm not complaining one bit hehe. So this is not a rant if you think so. Oh the only thing I need to complain about is my memory. My twitter update will tell you that I forgot my way to office this morning. *sheepish grin* Ugh.. age is catching up with me. :p


Buffy said...

Age is nowhere visible in you nut :) After such a hectic schedule, your life will feel dull if there is an extra moment to breath :p