Monday, June 22, 2009

Darna Mana Hai!

They say that the best way to overcome your fear is to face it. Now how do I face something that I've never seen or heard. Yes, I have morbid fear of the unseen, of the dark, of things unknown. It might sound stupid for most people, but its true. I'm a chicken when it comes to ghosts and ghost stories. I'm also highly superstitious. Sometimes I don't reveal good things to people i know for the fear of having it jinxed. Ahem. I'm like that only.
There was a time when i wouldn't go alone to any part of the house alone without my mom calling out to me just to assure me of her presence.
And when I'm watching a horror movie and I know that a scary scene is coming up I shut my eyes tight and peek slowly through one eye to see whats happening. The nightmares then follow, for which I go snuggle up against mum in the dead of the night and jump at the sound of every little thing.
Strange but true :)


Anonymous said...

Jeena zaroori hai :p with fear else there is no thrill in life

Juzer said...

Fattu!! he he.