Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Brush with Poetry

I've never really been big on poetry, have attempted several times, but in vain. So there was this one time when it was my cousin, Sakina's birthday and me having selective amnesia totally forgot to wish her. In fact to add insult to injury, she actually reminded me to wish her. I was red with embarrassment and decided that before I could gift her something I needed to make it up to her in my way, so I tried writing a poem for her. The poem goes like this (Do NOT snigger, smirk OR gag!)

How better can i express my regret than puttin it in words,
And hoping that just this once you will forgive me.
Promise never to do it again
Provided you forgive me.
You are special and always will be.

Bullying, teasing, caring and sharing
Is all it takes, for you to show your love to me.
Ranting, raving, whining and troubling
That's the love which comes to you from me
Having you around in life
Does wonders to everyone around
And your absence can make the place gloomy
You single-handedly bring life to the sights and sound.

So let bygones be bygones
And celebrate this day wit enthu
Knowing you this won't be tough
I hope you prove me true
Now thats one long poem for my super sis
Are your eyes still stuck on this?

OK, enough of rolling your eyes at my poem. If you look at the aesthetic appeal of the poem, it has no rhyme, no reason, no meter, and the works. Its called abstract poetry :) Ya I coined it myself. I'm sure Keats, Byron and Frost are rolling in their respective graves. Go on, make all the fun you want to. But I really appreciate my cousin for appreciating my poem without flinching!


Sakina Adeeb said...

OMG! I am so flattered! Was this post in return to the popularity you got from mine ;)?

Neverthless, I loved the poem that day and I love it today too!

Sandhya Balaji said...

hey gurumata...!!!! the poem is actually very nice.....too good yaar...attempt more.... :)