Thursday, June 4, 2009

To Old Friends and New

Friends. Who can deny the beauty of friendship. They are always there when you want to laugh, cry, shout, scream, whine, fight, shop, gossip, beg, borrow, steal :P and the list goes on. HOnestly speaking I havn't made truckloads of friends in my life, but whatever friends i have made wil be with me for life, for sure.
The best part about them is, no matter after how long u meet them u still share the same vibes and enthu and the silliest of jokes completely crack you up.ok I do sound very cliche n all in this post, but all my wonderful friends out there deserve a post and this is it!

You guys are the best . love y'all


me said...

You and your sis are thinking on the same lines these days. How else do you explain the "getting-all-senti-about-friends" posts? :)